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Floral Hanging Car Scratching Mat

Floral Hanging Car Scratching Mat

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Product Description:

  • Introduce your feline friend to a world of vertical play and exercise with the Cat Hanging Sisal Rope Mat. Designed to encourage natural scratching habits and provide a unique climbing challenge, this hanging sisal mat combines durability, functionality, and the thrill of adventure in one innovative product.
  • Crafted from high-quality sisal rope, this mat offers a robust and textured surface that is perfect for scratching. Sisal is known for its toughness and ability to stand up to constant cat claws, making this mat an ideal choice for maintaining your cat's claw health while protecting your furniture.
  • The Cat Hanging Sisal Rope Mat comes with a secure hanging system that can be easily attached to a door, wall, or cat tree. Its flexible setup options make it adaptable to various indoor environments, allowing you to place it wherever your cat prefers to scratch and climb.
  • Unlike traditional floor scratch posts, this hanging mat saves valuable floor space while still providing an ample scratching area. It’s perfect for small apartments or homes where space is at a premium.
  • The texture and resilience of the sisal encourage interactive play. Cats enjoy the tactile sensation under their paws, and the vertical nature of the mat makes every scratch a mini adventure.
  • The natural look of the sisal rope adds a rustic touch to your home décor, blending seamlessly with various interior styles. It's a practical cat accessory that doesn't compromise on style.


  • Sisal


  • 40x40cm


  • Durable Sisal Material
  • Easy to Hang Design
  • Space-Saving Solution
  • Interactive Play
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Long-Lasting
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