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Cactus Scratching Cat Tree with Cat Bed

Cactus Scratching Cat Tree with Cat Bed

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Product Description:

  • Fashioned to resemble a towering green cactus with multiple arms, this Cactus Scratching Cat Tree adds a vibrant and playful element to any room. The eye-catching design not only captivates your cat but also enhances your home with a touch of quirky style.
  • Each 'arm' of the cactus is wrapped in high-quality sisal rope, providing your cat with plenty of surfaces to scratch and claw. This natural and sturdy material helps to keep your cat’s claws healthy while protecting your furniture from damage.
  • On the cactus sits a spacious and comfortable cat bed, offering your cat a private retreat. Lined with soft, plush material, it’s the perfect spot for napping, relaxing, or watching the world from a secure height
  • The base of the scratching tree is reinforced to ensure stability and prevent tipping, making it safe for enthusiastic climbers and active play. The robust construction supports multiple cats and withstands daily use.
  • In addition to the scratching surfaces and tree house, this cat tree includes dangling toys that stimulate play and exercise. These engaging features encourage your cat to jump, swipe, and stay active.
  • Designed to fit comfortably in both small apartments and larger homes, the cat tree offers maximum entertainment without taking up too much space. Its vertical design utilizes upward space, preserving valuable floor area.


  • Wood 
  • Sisal


  • Distinctive Cactus Design
  • Durable Scratching Posts
  • Cozy Tree House
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Interactive Features
  • Easy to Assemble
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