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Transparent Semi-Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Shovel

Transparent Semi-Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Shovel

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Product Description:

  • The upper half of the litter box is made with durable, clear plastic that provides visibility, making your cat feel less confined and more comfortable. The transparency also allows for easy monitoring of litter conditions, ensuring cleanliness.
  • Offering the best of both worlds, the semi-enclosed design provides privacy while still being open enough to not deter cats who dislike fully enclosed spaces. This feature also helps contain odors and litter inside the box.
  • The smooth surface of the plastic is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Resistant to stains and odors, the litter box can be quickly wiped down or washed with soap and water, maintaining hygiene effortlessly.
  • The spacious interior accommodates cats of various sizes, providing ample room for them to move and turn around comfortably. It’s designed to ensure that your cat can use their litter box without any restrictions.


  • Plastic


  • 43x28x18cm


  • Transparent design
  • Included shovel as gift
  • Semi-enclosed structure
  • Perfect size for comfort
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